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    cleanroom decontamination explainedReducing risk from bacterial endospores in aseptic preparation supported by Cherwell


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SAS Microbial Monitoring Equipment

Hand Held Air Samplers - Isolator Sampling - Compressed Air Sampling - Multi SAS System - Air Sampler Calibration

SAS Air Sampler from CherwellCherwell has been supplying the UK market with SAS microbial air samplers for nearly 35 years. Cherwell's air sampler range includes a wide selection of portable hand held units, a compressed air sampling device and an isolator specific unit, each providing benefits for specific environmental monitoring purposes.

The reliability and robustness of these samplers, combined with our expert knowledge and servicing capabilities ensure maximum confidence in your monitoring data. We are still routinely calibrating instruments sold over 20 years ago, confirming the lifetime value of your sampler.

Traditionally. our expertise was primarily focused within the pharmaceutical and related industries, however, microbial air monitoring is increasingly being used for evaluating hospital operating theatres, office ventilation space and food manufacturing.


Cherwell's SAS Air Sampler Product Range


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Handheld Air Samplers

A range of portable air samplers for a variety of environmental monitoring applications such as cleanroom monitoring and operating theatre monitoring.

Isolator Sampling

Designed for installation within an isolator cabinet or filling line, the SAS Super Isolator system helps minimise contamination risks by reducing interventions.

Compressed Air Sampling

An easily transportable, non-powered system designed for monitoring compressed air and bottled gas for microbial contamination.

Multi-SAS System

A fixed point microbial monitoring system allowing high numbers of samples to be taken for background and critical point monitoring.

Air Sampler Service / Recalibration

Our air sampler service and recalibration facility is available for all models of SAS air samplers to ensure the highest degree of confidence in the reliability of the equipment.


If you have a requirement for any of our SAS air sampler products, please complete our Quotation Request form or contact us.