Cherwell fast tracks media batch quality records direct to QA

By cherwell

New electronic document system speeds up microbiological media product shipments

To enhance the speed of delivery of its microbiological media products for environmental monitoring within the pharmaceutical and related industries, Cherwell Laboratories has introduced a new electronic document management system.

The new paperless system ensures batch quality records are delivered directly to the email ‘In Box’ of appropriate Quality Assurance personnel. This ensures that all key records are at their fingertips in a timely manner, thereby fast tracking the release of products for environmental monitoring purposes.

Cherwell employs a positive release scheme for all products before despatch and the batch quality records are essential to secure the release of microbiological media shipments from ‘Goods In’ within a pharmaceutical facility. Documentary evidence of sterilisation parameters, source of raw materials and a Certificate of Analysis, covering growth promotion, pH and sterility testing, undertaken within Cherwell’s own laboratories, are all required before use.

Prior to the introduction of the electronic document management system Cherwell would send the quality records only in paper format typically by post, therefore any postal delay could result in delayed release of product at the customers site. “By adopting this new paperless approach we have responded to the requests of our customers to not only fast track customer release of our products, but also ensure greater efficiency and security in the delivery of crucial batch quality documents directly to the relevant quality personnel,” explained Andy Whittard, Managing Director, Cherwell Laboratories. “It also enables us to adopt a greener approach to quality documentation.”

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