Cherwell launches new website for prepared media and environmental monitoring

By cherwell

Enhanced application and product information now available at

Cherwell Laboratories, specialists in the manufacture of prepared microbiological media and supply of environmental monitoring instrumentation for pharmaceutical and related industries, has launched a new website to provide enhanced application and product information. also offers improved navigation options to enable visitors to readily browse and find the information that they require.

In addition to listing products by type, such as standard poured plates, gamma irradiated media, bottled products, and SAS microbial air monitoring equipment, the new website now fully incorporates details of the newly added DataTrace®wireless datalogger product range to Cherwell’s portfolio. Application examples are listed alongside product types, with further details available on click through.

“The key aim of our new website is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to fact find and ultimately contact and speak directly with us as required,” said Andy Whittard, Managing Director. “We realised that our old website didn’t have the necessary content and functionality, which we have now addressed with our new reworked and refreshed website at”


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