Contact - Spring 2011

By Gill Power

Andy and Lawrence Whittard


Articles include:

- New Facilities to Open

- Redipor® Prepared Media Price List

- Paper-free labelling

Welcome to our Spring eNewsletter - providing you with the latest news and updates from Cherwell Laboratories. Any additional information that you may require is simply a click away.

However, we are as always, still very happy to speak to you in person and over the phone on 01869 355500.


New Facilities to Open

Increasing production capacity

We are all set to increase our facilities’ footprint by over 60% to increase manufacturing and warehousing capacity for our entire range of environmental monitoring products.

The opening of the new facility this autumn will mark our 40th year and follows seven years of sustained positive company growth, including a 20% increase in export sales within the past financial year. This expansion of our facilities will support further future company growth and ensure that product stock is always rapidly available to our customers, whatever the quantity required.  Read more.

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Redipor Prepared Media Price List

Now Available

Our new price list is available in print or PDF format. It details a wide range of ready-to-use culture media in bottles and plates. We aim to provide a simple selection of the most commonly requested types, whilst offering many other bespoke varieties that we make to order with short lead times and tiny minimum order requirements.

Request Price List

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Paper-free Labelling

Meeting Customer Needs

In response to customer requests for paper-free materials, all our plates, infusion bags and bottles are now labelled using gloss white polypropylene labels.

We are also considering further developments with our labelling, including the use of symbols, and will advise you separately if and when these other changes are made. Please do contact our customer service team if you would like any further information about this change, or indeed have any suggestions for further improvements.

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Ask Cherwell!

What does the ‘Use By’ date mean?

For Redipor media, the ‘Use By’ date is the last day on which the medium should be inoculated or exposed. Any incubation period that is normal for that product may begin on that day, for example, a 14-day sterility test in TSB, or a 5-day incubation for a TSA settle plate.

If there’s anything that you’d like to ask us, we’d be happy to help. Just email us.

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The environmental monitoring processes and validation guide

Understand the key changes and challenges of the EU GMP Annex 1 draft revision.

What will it mean for your environmental monitoring processes?

Download Guide

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