Cherwell Laboratories offers custom filled broth bags

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Bespoke infusion bags enable convenient & flexible QC certified media transfer

redipor prepared media broth bags

Bicester, UK, 11th August 2011: Cherwell Laboratories now offers custom infusion bags for convenient and flexible transfer of all Redipor media products within both pharmaceutical manufacturing and hospital environments. Available in sizes from 100ml up to 10 Litres, and fully supported with batch manufacturing and QC testing documentation, the infusion bags are suitable for a wide range of media fills for a variety of applications. Varying fill volumes are also available to suit customers’ individual needs.

The smaller volume (100ml, 1000ml and 4L) clear ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) TPN bags, with female Luer lock, injection and spike ports, are ideal for pharmaceutical operator validation work, where they are a key component for such processes. Within the hospital environment, these bags can be used for process validation such as stem cell, bone marrow and blood preparations, as well as parenteral nutrition and drugs.

For large volume supply of broth for sterility work, such as media fill validation during pharmaceutical manufacturing, the 10 Litre Flexboy EVOH/EVA/EVAM 6 layer film bag with Luer lock and MPC couplers is a highly convenient means of transfer. All Cherwell infusion bags and outer boxes are clearly identified with detailed product labels.

For more information on our range of Redipor prepared media products, please complete our contact form or visit our contact us page for additional contact details.


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