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By Gill Power


Articles include:

- Celebration, Progression, Expansion!

- Pharmeurope GMP News

- New Facilities Update


Welcome to our Winter 2011/2012 eNewsletter - providing you with the latest news and updates from Cherwell Laboratories. Any additional information that you may require is simply a click away.


However, we are as always, still very happy to speak to you in person and over the phone on 01869 355500.



Celebration, Progression, Expansion!

Bill Withers


We hope you had a great 2011 and wish you a happy and successful 2012. Certainly 2011 was a year of celebration, progression and expansion for us. This included our 40th anniversary, the introduction of our new biological indicator product range, along with many other product enhancements. One example is the adoption of  paper-free labelling on all Redipor® prepared media products to minimise particulate contamination.

Looking to 2012, we eagerly await the official opening of our brand new cleanroom manufacturing and warehouse facilities and much, much more!


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Pharmeuropa GMP News

Biological Indicators (BIs)

We note with interest that Pharmeuropa has published a draft monograph on Biological Indicators entitled 'BIs in the Preparation of Sterile Products'. This draft has been revised from the previous document (‘Biological Indicators of Sterilisation’) to meet current technological developments.

Deadline for comment is 31 March 2012.

The comprehensive range of biological indicators that we offer is designed to meet current needs for developing, monitoring and validating a range of sterilisation processes including steam, dry heat, hydrogen peroxide vapour, ethylene oxide and gamma irradiation. We are more than happy to discuss and help you with your requirements in this area.

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New Facilities Update


As you can see work has commenced on our new cleanroom manufacturing facility for our Redipor prepared media products and expanded warehousing for our entire product portfolio.

This will give us even greater flexibility to accommodate customer specific requirements and we are always happy to discuss any specialist solutions you are looking for.


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Ask Cherwell!

What are the benefits of using a 'miniature' data logger?

The closer the sensor is to the product being monitored, the more accurate and therefore valuable the data collected. For this reason, all data loggers in DataTrace's MPIII range are 'miniature' and have been designed to fit easily inside a range of packages. The logger body for the MPIII Temperature data logger is just 21mm x 18mm with a choice of probes from 25mm - 640mm.

If there’s anything that you’d like to ask us, we’d be happy to help. Just Ask Cherwell.

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Prepared for Everything

Redipor Range


Redipor® prepared media is our own comprehensive range of ready-to-use culture media products. It includes petri dishes, contact plates, gamma irradiated media, bottled media, broth bags and ampoules and is suitable for a variety of applications; such as environmental monitoring, product sterility testing, operator validation and process validation.

Ask us about our custom manufacturing and packaging options

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The environmental monitoring processes and validation guide

Understand the key changes and challenges of the EU GMP Annex 1 draft revision.

What will it mean for your environmental monitoring processes?

Download Guide

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