Cherwell Laboratories Keeps Hydrated for Charity

By Gill Power

Cherwell Help Provide Elephant Pump for Africa

Update: 21st February 2013


We recently received a handwritten letter of thanks from Nelia, a student at St Columba's High, a school in the Zimbabwean village where the well built on behalf of Cherwell Laboratories has been built. As well as providing clean drinking water, the well is being used by the villagers for irrigation, to water the school garden and to wash the school pigs.



Cherwell Laboratories Keeps Hydrated for Charity

elephant-pump-in-actionThanks to Cherwell Laboratories' contribution towards AquAid's charity a water well is to be built in Africa, supplying fresh, clean drinking water to villagers.

Cherwell understand the importance of keeping hydrated throughout the day and therefore invest in water coolers from AquAid. The unique relationship with AquAid has also given Cherwell the opportunity to help those further afield who are less fortunate than themselves.

On behalf of Cherwell Laboratories, AquAid donate £20 per year to The Africa Trust for each of the 5 water coolers supplied. Through these contributions, an 'Elephant Pump' is to be installed in Africa, providing much needed clean, fresh drinking water and improving the quality of life for those who will have access to the well.


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