Old Fashioned Customer Service

By Gill Power

 Is it being overtaken by modern day technology?

As a family business of over 40 years standing, Cherwell Laboratories has developed a reputation in the market based on its products and values. We hope we offer a range of high quality irradiated media products and solutions to our customers, but just as important, we strive to offer great customer service.

In today’s technology driven world it is all too easy to succumb to clever, cloud based IT solutions or converged communications and all kinds of other gimmicks. The problem with many of these solutions is they create a gap between the customer and the supplier, both of which are human beings. And more importantly they prevent conversation!

We are great believers in talking to our customers and not putting barriers in the way of that happening. For example, I have an absolute dislike of automated telephone systems, the ones that offer press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts, etc. - what happens if my choice isn’t covered and why can’t I just speak to a person! We will never deploy an automated attendant system and will always encourage our customers to speak with us, regardless of the question.

Great customer service to us is about always trying to be helpful, and when necessary resourceful. We can’t claim to get everything right all the time, occasionally things go wrong. But when they do, we like to be honest with customers and look for a solution that inconveniences them as little as possible. A delay to shipping your prepared media order is a good example – we aim to contact you before the event to confirm how best we proceed, for example ship part order.

Great customer service is also about having a ‘can do’ attitude. It is all too easy to say no to the urgent enquiry for extra plates or an onsite service visit day after tomorrow. However, it is also true that trying your best to meet these urgent requests is very satisfying for all involved.


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