Contact – February 2017

By Gill Power

ImpactAir slit to agar air sampler

Article includes:

  • 2017 underway
  • Making an impact
  • COMING SOON – Redipor 2017-18 Price List

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2017 underway

2017 is well underway and is another year of challenges and opportunities.

It is the 46th year of microbiology at Cherwell and we continue to focus on aseptic cleanroom processes.

Our Redipor brand of culture media continues to grow both in range as we introduce more individually tailored solutions and also in geographical distribution. As well as direct sales in the UK and Ireland we partner with carefully selected distributors in Northern Ireland, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary and Denmark. We also regularly sell some specialised media products into Hong Kong, France, Spain, and South Korea with several more in the trial stage.

We are supporting a number of conference and training events including Pharmig, PHSS, NHS TSET, The Irish Cleanroom Society and the Clinical Pharmacy Congress. These help us to keep up to date with regulatory changes such as the long awaited revision to EU GMP Annex 1, and to meet the users whose challenges drive our product developments. The details of future events can be found on our events page.

As always we are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries, questions or new challenges.


Making an impact

ImpactAir 140mm agar plateWe’re delighted to announce that we have acquired a distribution agreement for the ImpactAir® range of microbial air samplers.

The new ImpactAir® range of high performance microbial air samplers have been designed to meet the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical, healthcare and specialist food industries.

This state of the art range of slit-to-agar microbial air samplers will complement our existing range of SAS microbial air samplers and can utilise Redipor 140mm petri dishes.

Key features include:

Utilises 140mm petri dishes – which allows the system to sample for longer periods of continuous sampling on to a single dish.

• Petri dish rotates slowly under the inlet slit – dramatically reducing the probability of ‘twin impingement’ and enabling an estimate of event times.

• First sampler of its kind to employ precision sensing and control to automatically adjust distance between air inlet and surface of the agar, ensuring a consistent d50 value <0.5µm is maintained

• Due to unique design, ImpactAir® does not shed particles, so can be operated alongside particle counting devices

• Exhibits very low vibration levels and thus can be utilised near balances


COMING SOON – Redipor 2017-18 Price List

We will be distributing our updated Redipor Prepared Media Price List in the first week of March.

The 2017 Price List will detail the most commonly utilised ready-to-use culture media from our extensive range. Prices will be effective from 1st April 2017.

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Your updated Redipor price list is ready for download

The 2020 price list details the most commonly utilised ready-to-use culture media in plates, bottles, bags and ampoules.

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