Fumigation: Choose Your Weapon!

By Gill Power

The Medicine Maker – issue 0218, February 2018

Andrew Ramage, our Microbiology Product Specialist, has written an article on approaching the task of replacing an existing system that uses Formaldehyde as a fumigant.

The article, titled ‘Fumigation: Choose Your Weapon’ features in issue 0218 of The Medicine Maker, published in February 2018. You can read more on the article on the Medicine Maker website.
Here’s an extract from the article:

Do you want to replace a fumigation system that is no longer up to scratch? Are you looking to switch out formaldehyde – before it’s phased out? As a former site fumigation lead, here is how I would go about it.

Previously in The Medicine Maker, I recognized the challenges of selecting the right fumigant for microbiological safety cabinets, high containment level areas, and cleanrooms. I noted to my relief that it was no longer my job to choose a new fumigation system (I’m now based on the vendor side), but for the purpose of this article, I am going to put myself back into the shoes of a site fumigation lead and think about how I would approach the task of replacing an existing system......

Andrew’s piece follows on from his earlier articles on fumigation in previous issues of The Medicine Maker. His article, titled ‘Find a Fumigant’ was published in December 2016. This followed on from an article ‘Fumigation of the Future’ published in the March 2016 issue.



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