The Pharmaceutical and Cleanroom Industry's Pocket Guide to Prepared Media



In facilitating the growth and counting of microbial cells, the cultivation and selection of microorganisms, culture media helps us to achieve accurate, reproducible, repeatable microbial tests: but only if that media is of a consistent, measurably high quality. This guide covers all the information you need to select, store and even produce your own prepared media effectively.  

This guide covers: 

The various applications of prepared media 

Focuses on the criteria and crucial part it plays in the broad range of applications that contribute to a safe, contaminant-free cleanroom environment. 

The logistics of in-house manufacturing 

An exploration of the facility requirements, equipment requirements and other quality control factors to be considered when manufacturing media formulations in-house. 

The argument for pre-prepared vs in-house media manufacturing 

An unbiased and in-depth look at both the ready-to-use and self-manufacture options. 

Best practice guidelines for handling and storing prepared culture media 

This section covers everything from storage and packaging of petri dishes to temperature and light control 

How to choose the best supplier 
Offers a checklist of the critical factors when selecting a supplier 

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