• ImpactAir® High Performance Microbial Air Samplers

    ImpactAir® high performance microbial slit-to-agar air sampler

    Introducing ImpactAir®

    Cherwell Laboratories have been appointed as distributor of the ImpactAir® by Pinpoint Scientific.  The ImpactAir® range of microbial air samplers have been designed to meet the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical, healthcare and specialist food industries.


    The pharmaceutical industry strives to standardise methods across all of its processes but often it is difficult to find a single solution.  The ImpactAir® has a modular design and can, using the same fundamental technology and performance validation, be adapted into a range of formats to suit the specific deployment needs.


    Within the range are the following deployment options:

    ImpactAir slit-to-agar high performance microbial air sampler range


    ImpactAir® Technology

    ImpactAir high performance air sampler, inlet slit, slit-to-agar, environmental monitoring, sampling

    Air is drawn at high speed through a very narrow inlet slit, whereupon particles, including microbes in the air, impact and stick onto an agar surface in a petri dish.


    The petri dish is slowly rotated under the inlet thus ensuring the air is always ‘impacted’ onto a fresh area of agar.  This dramatically reduces the probability of ‘twin impingement‘, a phenomena where two microbes land at the same point and appear as a single colony when incubated – this is an issue associated with sieve type samplers.

    ImpactAir® high performance slit-to-agar microbial air sampler

    The ImpactAir® range uses the larger 14cm petri dishes which allow the system to sample for longer periods onto a single dish.  The sampling time is programmable from minutes to many hours.  With a deep fill agar plate it is possible to sample for several hours onto a single agar plate.  Sampling 1mis achieved in 35 minutes and 20 seconds with the flow rate of 1 cubic foot per minute.


    With any impaction sampler, the distance between the inlet and the surface of the agar is critical and has a major effect on the sampling efficiency.  The agar in petri dishes is often not at a constant depth so the ImpactAir® is the first sampler of its kind to employ precision sensing and control to automatically adjust the distance throughout an entire run to ensure a consistent d50 value is maintained.  This is supported by the results obtained from the independent physical and biological validation carried out by Public Health England (PHE).  Full reports are available.


    Unlike some other air samplers, ImpactAir® due to its unique design does not shed particles so is able to operate in environments alongside particle counting devices without causing increased readings.  ImpactAir® exhibits very low vibration and can therefore be operated near balances.



    ImpactAir high performance microbial air sampler, slit-to-agar, environmental monitoring, sampling
















    Contact us for further information on the ImpactAir® or to request a demonstation.


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