Because one day we might be the patient, and you want to be sure!

Our Why is Important to Us

Cherwell manufactures and supplies cleanroom microbiology solutions to pharmaceutical and related industries across the UK and Europe from our site in Bicester, Oxfordshire.

Cherwell started life in 1971 as a family-owned business; the founder was our current MD’s Dad! We are a dedicated group who truly believe in doing things right. Our values of Reliable, Adaptable and Partnership play to the importance we place on not only working together, but more importantly on focusing on our customer’s needs, and delivering on those wishes. We believe in making high quality products, not cheap products, that truly help our customers be more effective.

Our business relies on individuals who are dedicated to doing things to a high standard, every time and against defined procedures. Therefore, attention to detail is vital as every element is critical in producing a top-quality product.

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Andy Whittard - Managing Director

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At Cherwell we are part of a really important supply chain, at the end of which is a patient, trusting the healthcare professionals and treatments prescribed for their recovery. The drugs our clients manufacture must meet exacting standards and our products help them ensure these standards are met, every day.

We are ambitious; our 5 year strategy is named Accelerate – a change in velocity and our mission is to be the first company the pharma industry thinks of for cleanroom microbiology - the go to provider.

To realise this ambition we need great people. We already have a fantastic team; however, our ambitious growth plans mean we will need more people to fulfil an ever expanding variety of roles.

To achieve our ambitions over the next five years will require renewed energy and desire from our people, individuals who want to make a difference and help us on our journey.

Life at Cherwell can be fun and rewarding, we have a strong sense of caring - we are a friendly group with an open, accessible culture. Like any business we have challenges and sometimes we can be a little restrained and reactive. A key factor for our future success is picking up the pace of change and being more proactive. There will be opportunity to help shape the future of the business and to help design and implement new ways of working.

And Cherwell is now embarking on the next phase of its journey. In late 2023 we were acquired by AnalytiChem Holding GmbH and joined seven other dynamic businesses serving the life science sectors across Europe, North America, and Australia. Two other companies in the group also manufacture prepared media, presenting opportunities for collaboration and learning.

It is exciting times for Cherwell and the team!

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What You Will Find at Cherwell


Accelerated growth

We are growing – not just financially but in every way, and we need everybody to grow as well to make it happen.


Passion to succeed

We’re all invested in what we do, because we care about the outcome for everybody who is affected by what we do.


We value our people

Our business is our people. Their wellbeing is our wellbeing, and their success is our success. We work together to succeed and we look after each other.

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“I enjoy coming to work and remember my first day clearly when the MD passed me in on the stairs, recognised I was new, knew my name and said hello. It is obvious the people at the top are in touch with their staff, the management team are all very approachable and know what is going on.”




Our culture is based on three words:
Reliable, Adaptable, Partnership



Delivering what you need, doing what we said we would



Developing our products, processes - and ourselves - to meet what our customers need



Supportive, helpful & committed to our customer and each other

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“Carpe diem. Seize the day. Make your life extraordinary.”

– John Keating, Dead Poets Society

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