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    Cherwell Laboratories is the UK & Ireland distributor for the SAS range of microbial air samplers and the ImpactAir® slit-to-agar microbial sampler.  Our experience gained over more than 25 years allows us to clearly understand the environmental monitoring challenges within a pharmaceutical clean room and offer the best solution from our range of products.

    We fully support the samplers and recognise the need for reliability for these critical instruments.  We can provide, and execute if necessary, IQ/OQ documentation and offer a service and recalibration facility either in our workshop or on site at the customer’s facility to minimise downtime.

    For further information on our range of microbial air samplers, please contact our office or select one of the following options:


    SAS Microbial Air Samplers

    Cherwell's SAS Duo portable air sampler this active air sampler is part of the range of microbial air samplers used for environmental monitoring and needs regular calibration


    The distinctive yellow SAS has been used for environmental monitoring applications for well over two decades now. The handheld, portable battery powered units are robust and ideal for general monitoring within cleanroom suites.  The dual head Duo SAS and specialist SAS Isolator units are tailored for more specific needs – whether it is twin plates at each sample location or sampling within an Isolator cabinet.



    ImpactAir® Slit-to-Agar Sampler

    ImpactAir high performance slit-to-agar microbial air samplers

    The stainless steel ImpactAir® slit-to-agar sampler is targeted at specialist sampling within grade A environments.  The slit-to-agar method allows a greater sample volume to be collected over a longer period providing a more ‘continuous’ monitoring solution.  The unique system ensures the <0.5µ d50 efficiency collection is maintained throughout the entire air sample.





    If you require pricing or would like to book a demonstration for any of our Microbial air samplers, please complete our Quotation Request form or contact us.



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