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    Gamma Irradiated: Contact Plates – 90mm Petri Dishes – 140mm Petri Dishes


    redipor, irradiated culture media, agar plates, contact plates, petri dishes for environmental monitoring

    In addition to our standard range of Redipor® prepared media products, we supply settle plates, 90mm petri dishes,140mm petri dishes and contact plates as a gamma irradiated option. Widely used within the pharmaceutical industry, all Redipor gamma irradiated media plates are subjected to the same quality checks as our standard pre poured plates, but once packed they pass through an additional sterilisation process.

    Irradiated media products are typically used for environmental monitoring within cleanroom facilities and benefit from extended shelf life, typically 6 months and ambient room temperature storage. Due to the nature of the product, additional layers of packaging are included to assist handling and transfer within a clean environment

    We also offer Barrier Pack product which is packed using a gas impermeable layer to prevent the ingress of decontamination gases such as VHP. The Redipor Barrier Pack product has all the other advantages of the irradiated media product range. For further information please visit our Redipor Barrier Pack page.

    All Redipor irradiated media products are tested after irradiation to confirm growth properties and pH and a detailed QC certificate is provided for each batch – download a sample QC certificate.

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    If you have a requirement for any of our Redipor prepared media products, please complete our Quotation Request form or contact us. A Redipor price list, featuring a selection of the range is also available here.


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