• Barrier Pack

    Gas impermeable packaging – the advantages are clear!

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    In response to the increasing use of vaporised hydrogen peroxide (VHP) decontamination methods, Cherwell Laboratories has developed a range of gas impermeable packaging for the Redipor® range – the Redipor Barrier Pack!

    Redipor Barrier Pack agar plates are poured aseptically on automated filling lines, conditioned at room temperature and every plate is inspected before being carefully sealed into a transparent, hydrogen peroxide vapour impermeable bag. They are then over bagged with polythene, sealed, packed in lined boxes, sealed, then irradiated. Every batch of agar plates is tested for growth promotion, after irradiation with the results detailed on a certificate.


    Barrier Pack Advantages

    This exciting product range offers:

    • Transparent packaging for easy examination of contents before being passed into the critical environment
    • Easy tear opening to assist handling within the Isolator
    • Bags identified with ‘Redipor Barrier Pack’ to avoid costly mix ups between different product ranges
    • Ambient storage. We recommend storage at ambient temperature not exceeding 25ºC, away from direct heat, sunlight and significant temperature fluctuations
    • All the benefits and flexibility associated with the standard Redipor range, including bespoke products, flexible standing order schedules to meet demands, and all supported by first class customer service
    • Validated performance – Redipor Barrier Pack plates have been tested using H2O2 detectors with a sensitivity of less than 1ppm. After repeated cycles with a peak concentration of greater than 570ppm (maximum 927ppm), no H2O2 was detected inside the Redipor Barrier Pack.



    If you have a requirement for any of our Redipor prepared media products, please complete our Quotation Request form or contact us. A Redipor price list, featuring a selection of the range is also available here.


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