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    The Redipor® range of pre poured agar plates is extensive, with new products being continually added to the range. Our range of fresh prepared media is available in 55mm Petri dishes, 90mm Petri dishes, 140mm Petri dishes and contact plates. We also offer gamma irradiated prepared media products, which are typically used for environmental monitoring in a cleanroom environment.

    All Redipor prepared media plates are manufactured within our cleanroom facility with quality checks undertaken at each stage of the manufacturing process. Each batch is quarantined after filling and allowed to naturally condition. At time of supply, each batch is 100% inspected prior to final packing.

    Following manufacture a sample from each batch of prepared media is removed for final quality checks, detailed QC certificates are then produced and provided to customers – download a sample Redipor QC Certificate.

    You can request our latest Redipor price list, featuring a selection of the range available.  However, if you have a specific requirement which is not listed, please contact us or complete our quotation request form.

    Product range summary:

    Poured Plates Product Summary


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    We can also supply dipslides with a variety of agar combinations for use in non-critical hygiene monitoring on surfaces and in fluids, for example BT2 (Nutrient Agar+TTC / Nutrient Agar+TTC) & BTM2 (Nutrient Agar+TTC / Malt Extract Agar). Whilst we don’t manufacture the dipslides, we normally carry stock of the most common types for immediate despatch.

    Dipslides are ideal for testing water tanks and hygiene monitoring in food preparation and similarly clean but not aseptic environments.



    If you have a requirement for any of our Redipor prepared media products, please complete our Quotation Request form or contact us. Request a Redipor price list, featuring a selection of the range.


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