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    Disposable Air Sampler Heads – Air Sampler Stand – Air Sampler Tripods

    To help our customers make the most of their air monitoring equipment, we supply a range of accessories for use with our range of SAS microbial monitors.

    Daily Head – Disposable Air Sampler Heads

    Cherwells Disposable Air Sampler Head

    Suitable for use with the SAS Super, SAS Duo 360 and SAS Isolator air samplers, our disposable aspirating heads can be used with any type of 55mm diameter Contact Plates (RODAC).

    Made in antistatic resin plastic, the heads are packaged in an irradiated, triple wrapped bag for use in a cleanroom environment and have a 5-year shelf life. Each batch is supplied with a certificate of sterilisation and conformity to satisfy cGLP requirements.

    SAS Air Sampler Stand

    SAS Air Sampler Stainless Steel Stand

    Manufactured from stainless steel, the SAS Stand can be quickly and easily attached to your SAS microbial air sampler. The stand provides a robust, sturdy platform which will greatly improve the stability of your air sampler and help reduce the risk of damage.

    The stand has been designed to allow your air sampler to be programmed, used and charged without the need to remove it from the stand.

    Air Sampler Tripods

    Tripods for Cleanroom Monitoring

    We provide a range of tripods suitable for use with SAS air samplers, each with their own features to suit a variety of needs.

    Floor Tripod

    The floor standing tripod has an adjustable height from 100cm to 280cm. It can be used to monitor an air conditioned outlet port.

    Clean Room Floor Tripod

    Made of stainless steel to avoid particle emission, this floor standing tripod is suitable for use in a cleanroom environment. Its height is adjustable from 100cm to 200cm and it is ideal for collecting bioaerosol data at breathing level.

    Wall/Surface/Cart Tripod

    This compact wall/surface/cart mounted tripod has a fixed height of 22cm and helps create ‘free space’ within the room. The stainless steel construction makes this tripod ideal for use in a cleanroom environment.

    Table Tripod

    A compact tripod, ideal for use on a table or work surface.



    If you have a requirement for any of our SAS air sampler products, please complete our Quotation Request form or contact us.

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