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    Air Sampler Calibration Service

    Cherwell’s Air Sampler Calibration Service

    Air samplers are designed to sample known volumes of air and are vital instruments within any environmental monitoring program, we therefore recommend SAS air samplers are recalibrated every 6-12 months. If the air sampler has potentially been damaged or the flow rate has been compromised we also recommend recalibration to maintain the highest levels of confidence in the data.

    Cherwell Laboratories offer an efficient reminder and recalibration service for all SAS air sampler models. Air sampler calibrations are normally performed at our premises in Bicester but can also be carried out on-site if required. During recalibration the air sampler flow rate is checked to ensure the volume of aspirated air is consistent and the instrument is working correctly – a detailed Certificate of Calibration is issued upon completion.

    We also offer free telephone advice to all SAS air sampler customers, simply contact the engineering department ensuring all relevant information is to hand.



    Please contact us for further details on our air sampler calibration service.

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