• SAS Compressed Air Sampling

    Compressed air sampler for microbiology

    sas microbial air sampler for microbial monitoring in compressed air and compressed gas

    Compressed Air Monitoring – Bottled Gas Monitoring

    Cherwell’s SAS Pinocchio Super II is a non powered, compressed air sampler unit used to test the microbiological quality of compressed air and gas. Based around the proven SAS method of viable air sampling, the Pinocchio collects air samples onto contact plates (55mm or 84mm diameter) or standard petri dishes (90mm diameter).  Air flow from the compressed supply is regulated through a flow meter before passing through a traditional SAS sampling head.

    The monitoring of compressed air and bottled gases for microbial contamination is becoming increasingly important within manufacturing facilities; ensuring that product contact air is contamination free is vital within any sterile or aseptic manufacturing process. The Pinocchio provides a controlled method for bioburden monitoring of compressed air and other gases. It can also form part of a compatible environmental monitoring program when used alongside the other air samplers within the SAS monitoring range.



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