• SAS Isolator Sampling

    Isolator Cabinet Monitoring – Filling Line Monitoring

    SAS Isolator unit with head for microbial air sampler in isolator

    Cherwell’s SAS Super Isolator is a specific development of the hand held air sampler units aimed at isolator cabinet monitoring and filling line monitoring.

    Featuring a stainless steel sampling head, which is located permanently inside the isolator cabinet. The sampling head is connected through the isolator cabinet out to the control unit, reducing the need for the sampler to be continually passed into the cabinets and minimising contamination risks. Individual heads can be supplied thus allowing one control unit to be used for multiple sampling heads.

    This version of the SAS microbial air sampler has also been successfully used to meet the needs of filling line monitoring for pharmaceutical manufacturers. By offering bespoke sampling heads, we were able to introduce viable samplers into the grade A environment and reduce interventions when performing environmental monitoring.



    If you have a requirement for any of our SAS air sampler products, please complete our Quotation Request form or contact us.

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