• Redipor® Product Testing

    Redipor Product Testing

    The assurance of product performance is vital to the commercial supply of prepared culture media products, giving customers the confidence to use the prepared media within critical areas. All Redipor® prepared media products undergo extensive quality checks and product testing during manufacturing and prior to being released to our customers. A comprehensive quality control certificate (download a sample copy: Redipor Quality Control Certificate) is produced for each batch of Redipor prepared media, showing actual productivity ratio data.

    During the manufacturing process, random samples are selected from each batch of Redipor prepared media and subjected to detailed quality control checks. The pH, sterility and growth capabilities of individual batches of prepared media are carefully checked and documented using standard procedures. A productivity ratio is then generated to assess growth performance of the individual batch of prepared media against a reference. All products must comply with stringent acceptance criteria before the product is released; gamma irradiated media is checked for growth performance both before and after irradiation.

    If you have any queries regarding our product testing please contact the office.

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