Finding Good Industry Information

By Gill Power

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How to find the best industry information and guidance?

With the explosion in the sheer volume of information now available on the internet it can be difficult to know where to find reliable answers to questions. Within the pharmaceutical and associated industries regulatory documents, such as EU GMP, provide the framework within which compliance must be sought. Interpretation and implementation of these regulations can be challenging.

There are many useful sources of industry specific information which can be referred to for deciding on a course of action or help in determining a program or rationale for testing or monitoring. Many produce guidance documents and technical monographs which have been compiled by industry experts. There are many more, but we have found the following sources to be both comprehensive and reliable.


PHSS logoPharmaceutical & Healthcare Sciences Society (PHSS)

Their mission is to ‘share knowledge, regulatory guidance and GMP best practice’. The European Journal of Parenteral & Pharmaceutical Sciences is well respected, as are their various technical monographs and meetings.



logpharmig_logoPharmaceutical Microbiology Interest Group (PharMIG)

Focused on microbiology within pharmaceuticals, PharMIG publishes fact sheets and best practices guides, as well as holding regular events and meetings, including an annual conference.



pdalogoParenteral Drug Association (PDA)

The PDA is a global provider of science, technology and regulatory information and education for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical community. It delivers high level education programmes, seminars and events across Europe and the globe.



s2c2logoScottish Society for Contamination Control (S2C2)

The society is committed to developing knowledge and standardisation around contamination control. It runs events and seminars and produces The Cleanroom Monitor journal.



clean-air-and-containment-review-logoClean Air Containment & Review

Their quarterly journal provides industry comment and updates on standards.



There are many other useful sources, we have tried to mention a few. Please feel free to add comments about others.



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