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By Gill Power

Redipor® prepared media to be supplied directly to customers

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Bicester, UK, 27th January 2016: Cherwell Laboratories, specialists in cleanroom microbiology solutions for the pharmaceutical and related industries, will now be delivering their Redipor® prepared media directly to customers in the Republic of Ireland. Cherwell are renowned for offering a flexible supply of quality prepared media products, and this development will now enable Cherwell to offer improved service and support to customers in the Republic of Ireland.

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Since some of the leading international names in the pharmaceutical industry operate manufacturing sites in Ireland, Cherwell recognises the importance of this market for environmental monitoring, product sterility testing, as well as operator and process validation. Andy Whittard, Managing Director, Cherwell Laboratories commented, “Our recent investment in resources and expertise within the company now allows us to focus on regions where our Redipor product is not established. By developing closer relationship with customers it will allow us to ensure we deliver the best prepared media solutions and dedicated customer service.” Cherwell will now ship Redipor product directly from their UK manufacturing facility in Oxfordshire to customers in the Republic of Ireland.


To further enhance their customer service and support in that region, Cherwell are also currently recruiting for a Sales Specialist, based in the Republic of Ireland. Cherwell Laboratories’ Sales Manager, Andrew Barrow remarked, “While we pride ourselves on the customer service we provide by phone and email, we appreciate the importance of having support locally that customers can contact. Fulfilling this new role will help us to build and maintain links with customers, allowing us to fully understand and satisfy their needs.” Cherwell will continue to work with their distributor in Belfast, Davidson & Hardy, for the supply of Redipor products in Northern Ireland.


Further demonstrating their commitment to the Irish market, Cherwell have also recently become a corporate member of the Irish Cleanroom Society. The society provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and working practices, a support network and works closely with the Cleanroom Testing and Certification Board to run a series of training courses.


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