Neutraliser Selection for Growth Media

By Gill Power

Manufacturing Chemist Pharma - July/August 2016

factors to consider choosing neutralisers for growth media

Our Microbiolgy Product Specialist, Andrew Ramage and our Quality Manager, Harshad Joshi, have recently worked together to produce another technical article.  The article is featured in the July/August 2016 issue of Manufacturing Chemist Pharma.  It discusses the factors to consider when choosing neutralisers for use in growth media and covers:

  • Choosing a neutraliser
  • Regulatory perspectives
  • Method validation criteria
  • Other factors to consider


Here’s an abstract from the article:

Environmental Monitoring is a GMP requirement to ensure drug products are made in a non-contaminating environment. Andrew Ramage and Harshad Joshi, Cherwell Laboratories, give a scientific and regulatory perspective on considerations when using neutralisers in growth media.

You’ll find the article in the July August 2016 issue of Manufacturing Chemist Pharma or you can read more on the article on the Manufacturing Chemist website.

We have a range of irradiated media for environmental monitoring that contain various combinations of the popular neutralisers mentioned in the article.  Please contact us if you would like more details of the range available.   Alternatively, you can download our Redipor Prepared Media Price List.


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