Cleanroom Tech Conference: Achieve compliance and enhance contamination control

By Emma Millburn

The Cleanroom Technology Conference held on the 24th and 25th of May was a remarkable event that brought together industry experts and professionals to delve into the implementation of GMP Annex 1. As this regulatory inspection requirement approaches in August 2023, attendees were eager to gain valuable insights and guidance on becoming compliant. With a focus on contamination control strategies and environmental monitoring solutions, the event proved to be a valuable resource for attendees looking to enhance their cleanroom practices.

Insightful Presentations by Industry Experts:
The two-day conference featured informative presentations by speakers, providing attendees with expert knowledge and practical advice. Jim Polarine, a great presenter, shed light on the contamination control strategy for ATMP cleanrooms, emphasising the importance of a holistic approach. His intriguing revelation that "80-85% of contamination comes from people" underscored the significance of personnel training and awareness.

Another notable speaker, Kate Marshall, shared innovative techniques for meeting the challenges of GMP Annex 1, specifically focusing on rapid H2O2 validation. She highlighted the critical need for robust validation data when employing vaporized hydrogen peroxide decontamination processes. Kate emphasised the utilisation of biological, chemical, and enzyme indicators, offering attendees valuable takeaways for their cleanroom practices.

Cherwell's Contributions:
Among the exhibitors, we showcased several solutions aimed at addressing the industry's environmental monitoring needs in compliance with GMP Annex 1. Notably, our new addition to the portfolio, the 'BAMS' (BioAerosol Monitoring System), gained significant attention. BAMS, an advanced airborne particle counter, enables real-time detection of inert and microbial particles, providing a comprehensive understanding of the cleanroom environment.

Engaging with Delegates:
The Cherwell team had productive interactions with delegates, who sought advice and discussed suitable measures to improve their contamination control strategies and environmental monitoring practices. These conversations provided an opportunity for us to showcase our extensive range of Redipor prepared media. Developed with the customer in mind over the past 40 years, these media solutions offer reliability and quality for cleanroom operations.

Valuable Insights from the Plate Report:
One of our highlights was the knowledge-sharing plate report. This report serves as a reminder of the importance of understanding how equipment and consumables work together, particularly in relation to air flow in air samplers. By enlightening attendees about the potential risks and consequences of unconsidered plate selection, we facilitated meaningful discussions on optimising cleanroom processes via robust product selection.

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A Fresh Look: Cherwell's Brand Evolution:
Attendees at the Cleanroom Technology Conference had the privilege of being the first to witness Cherwell's brand evolution. With a new stand and logo, we displayed our commitment to innovation and growth. Keep an eye out for our updated branding at future events and on our website, as we continue to provide industry-leading solutions.

Join Cherwell at the SAE Media Cell and Gene Therapy Conference:
We invite you to connect with us at the upcoming SAE Media Cell and Gene Therapy Conference, held at the Copthorne Tara Hotel in London, Kensington. Visit our stand to explore the environmental monitoring challenges you face and discover how we can provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

The Cleanroom Technology Conference proved to be a valuable event for professionals seeking to achieve compliance with GMP Annex 1 and enhance contamination control in their cleanrooms. With insightful presentations, innovative solutions, and engaging discussions, attendees left equipped with practical knowledge and a better understanding of the measures required to ensure cleanroom integrity. We feel our contributions, along with our brand evolution, further exemplifies our commitment to supporting the industry in achieving optimal cleanroom practices.


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