Cherwell Attends analytica Conference as Part of AnalytiChem Group

By Martin Sketchley

April 2024 saw Cherwell's Managing Director, Andy Whittard, and Director of Sales and Marketing Emma Millburn, travel to Munich to attend analytica, one of the world's leading trade fairs for players in the fields of laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology – and not to be confused with AnalytiChem, the group of which Cherwell is now part!.  
Taking place over 9-12 April, analytica was a central meeting point for companies to showcase the latest technologies. It was an opportunity for attendees to experience ground-breaking innovations, and for the industry's movers and shakers to connect in person.

This year's event represented an opportunity for representatives of those companies comprising the AnalytiChem group to meet face-to-face, get to know each other, and forge relationships far stronger than can be achieved through Teams calls.

Your Science Enabled – with coffee…

AnalytiChem logo coffee-2The atmosphere at the AnalytiChem stand was relaxed and friendly – a vibe enhanced by the presence of a barista, who prepared coffees decorated with the group's logo for visitors.

AnalytiChem's aim for the event was to unite the group around the importance of its core values and product solutions. Cherwell is part of AnalytiChem's Life Sciences Pillar, along with BioTrading and NEL, the other pillars being Material, Environmental and Lab Solutions. All of these segments fall under the group's overarching theme of "Your Science Enabled", which represents AnalytiChem's vision for its offering across the four segments. The group's core values of Heritage, Intimacy, Producer and Quality were central to AnalytiChem's message at the event.


Redipor Beta Bag analytica 2024Of the conference, Cherwell’s Managing Director, Andy Whittard said: "analytica was a major exhibition. There were five halls, 1,000 exhibitors, and around 34,000 visitors. To really take advantage of the opportunity Emma and I could have done with more than the day there! It was great joining other colleagues from AnalytiChem to establish some new working relationships, cement those we've already started to develop, and understand a bit more about the breadth of the products on offer. The team was enthused, motivated, friendly and united. It was great to be part of the social Wednesday evening to feel that we belong to something outside Bicester. Cherwell has really become a significant player on the global stage as part of AnalytiChem. The AnalytiChem booth was excellent – as was the coffee! – and Cherwell was very visible: our Beta Bag product and launch video were clearly on show as part of the AnalytiChem presence."



Sales and Marketing Director Emma Millburn commented: “analytica was an impressive event that showcased cutting-edge technologies within the laboratory technology and biotechnology industry. The relaxed atmosphere on the AnalytiChem stand ensured that time was available to speak to our experts about the products and opportunities available. It was a pleasure to talk to visitors and highlight our commitment to quality – something underlined by Cherwell’s heritage and long-standing presence in the market. Of particular relevance was AnalytiChem’s customer-focused approach to developing tailored products that address their specific needs and challenges – which is precisely where Cherwell's Redipor prepared media brand excels.”

analytica offers informative presentations and networking opportunities

analytica’s conference sessions were said to be informative and engaging, with well-known speakers giving presentations on topics such as analytical chemistry, laboratory technology and bioinformatics. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from industry leaders, and participate in discussions on current trends and challenges in the field.
analytica 2024 was well-organised and successful, providing attendees with valuable insights and networking opportunities. Taking place biennially since 1968, the next analytica is scheduled for March 2026. The intervening period will be one of exciting growth for Cherwell, as we expand our portfolio and develop our position within the AnalytiChem group. It will be interesting to see what developments influence the industry over the intervening period.



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