Why Cleanroom Operators Choose Cherwell as Supplier

By Andrew Ramage

The UK's Institute of Customer Service (UKCSI) annual report on The State of Customer Satisfaction in the UK has been published, and the Cherwell team got to take a look. The responses of this year’s survey, the first since the Brexit referendum, led to a steady lift in the customer satisfaction index. Discussing the survey responses covering over 30 measures of customer experience, UKCSI Chief Executive, Joanna Causon says:

“Customer satisfaction has continued to improve, suggesting that many organisations are performing better on some of the essential elements of customer service, especially in getting things right first time and dealing with problems and complaints.”

Could it be that British companies have chosen to respond to the uncertainties and risky climate they find themselves in by upping their game in an area they do have control over? The UKCSI seems to think so, referencing the critical importance of customer satisfaction measures as predictors of business performance.

As the following quotes from our customers show, customer satisfaction is also incredibly important to us.

4 Reasons Why Cleanroom Operators Choose Cherwell

For over 40 years, we’ve been developing products and services with customer satisfaction as our primary focus.

“Easy to say,” I hear you cry, “but how do you actually demonstrate this?”

We believe our customers can explain better than we can, why Cleanroom Operators trust and rely on Cherwell Laboratories. Take a look at their feedback below and decide for yourself:

1.  Cherwell accommodates unique situations

As a manufacturer of bespoke products, Cherwell understands that each business faces unique challenges. We always endeavour to flexibly fit around customer schedules, even if they are subject to on-the-spot changes, as this manager was happy to attest:

“We are probably a difficult customer as our scheduled activities and shutdown periods can change at the last minute. On the last visit, your engineer arrived on site and within 30 minutes of her arrival, management changed the plans as the equipment was not available. This was on the Friday.  Your engineer arrived back first thing Monday morning and completed the calibrations efficiently.”

For Julie Bowden, QA Releasing Officer of Portsmouth PMU it was her past positive experience of our products and services that drew her back to us again:

“When we were looking to buy a new unit, we didn’t look at any other air samplers on the market. We only considered Cherwell due to our positive experience of the product and their excellent customer service. Cherwell are always very accommodating and deal with any queries straight away; we don’t have to be passed on to someone else.”

Read the PMU case study on our website…


2. The highest level of cleanroom expertise and reliability

As part of our regular customer survey programme, Cherwell’s SAS customers were asked to rate the company, its personnel, products and service across a broad range of areas. These included: product knowledge, SAS sampler reliability, accuracy and turnaround times for Service and Calibration services, and even the courtesy and manner of the courier service used for this.

The majority of customers responding gave positive feedback in all areas, with Cherwell’s knowledge and product reliability ranking highest. Demonstrating his trust in Cherwell’s respect of their controlled environments and procedures, one customer wrote:

“We require Cherwell’s engineers to work in our controlled Cleanroom environment where, on occasion, full B Grade gowning has been required. As a department, it is not best practice to let any contractor that is not fully trained and assessed on site to enter these controlled conditions. We don’t have this view with your engineer, and although they are required to be escorted into the area and monitored throughout the gowning procedure, their cleanroom behaviour and practices are of a high standard. 

There really is no improvement required. The standard of expertise and customer service of your engineer is excellent: work is always carried out efficiently with minimal impact to our schedule. Thank You.”

3.  The Best Sales Administration

One happy customer singled out Cherwell’s Sales Administrator, Helen Deeley, for her high standards of customer service, saying that Helen, “…gains top marks from me for delivering all quotes promptly. She is very quick to reply and polite and I have always been very impressed by her. She is a real diamond, and I do deal with a lot of other companies for getting quotes – Cherwell is the best!”

Read more customer testimonials on our website…

4.  Cherwell engineers are high in demand

Cherwell has always strived to offer a professional service that responds directly to customers’ needs. Our engineers are uniquely able to get into the very heart of our customers’ businesses when performing on-site calibrations for the SAS air samplers – a service that we have seen grow significantly over the last couple of years, which proves testament to the quality of the service our engineers provide. We now perform this service to organisations from the west coast of Ireland to mainland Europe and across the whole UK – a testimony to our clients' satisfaction.

Put Cherwell Laboratories to the Test

Cherwell Laboratories understand that customers don’t just want standard media or levels of service. The right media will fit into existing processes for the most accurate and consistent results. Our experience at working with customers producing bespoke products means we are in a unique position to quickly get to the root of what is needed. We can offer a cost-effective solution that fits standards, procedures and the overarching business.

Put us to the test: we’re looking forward to working with you.



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