COVID-19 Information

By Andy Whittard

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Cherwell Laboratories continues to be focused on the safety and well-being of our team, our customers and other stakeholders during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and renewed lockdown across England. As a member of the key healthcare supply chain, we have sought to maintain business as usual during the lockdown imposed by the UK government, whilst ensuring we have a safe work environment.

Safety precautions

Our production facility in Bicester continues to operate normally.  Like many businesses we have implemented several measures to ensure the ongoing safety of our team and others, including:

  • Allowing only essential visitors to site
  • Increased availability of hand sanitisers around site
  • Minimised communal area touch points
  • Introduced additional cleaning in communal areas around site
  • Continued to share information with employees around identifying symptoms
  • Continue to reinforce the importance of good hygiene practices and two metre social distancing

We continue to closely follow government advice and guidance on safety measures, thanks to the support of our trade associations Gambica and Make UK and our local Chamber of Commerce and use this to inform the basis of our decision making.

Operational status

Thanks to the great efforts of our team, Cherwell has remained fully operational during the COVID-19 restrictions. Our supply chain remains robust and we have only experienced minimal disruption to supply.  We continue to offset this risk by retaining suitable stock reserves of critical raw materials and of our finished goods.  We also have available capacity to continue to feed ongoing demand.

We recognise that the COVID-19 outbreak will continue to impact our business, communities and friends for several more months and to mitigate risk we are maintaining the following measures:

  • Regularly reminding staff of key control measures on site
  • Using flexibility within our workforce who are cross trained to maintain output 
  • Using home working where practical and possible
  • Keeping focused on critical tasks within the business
  • Cancelling all non-essential business travel and meetings
  • Using video conferencing for meetings wherever possible

Working with customers

We continue to work with customers with regards to onsite servicing of SAS air samplers and, where agreed and achievable, we can visit a site if appropriate checks and measures are in place. However, wherever possible, we still prefer that SAS units are returned to us for recalibration.  Please speak with our Service Department if you have any concerns regarding this temporary adjustment or wish to make specific arrangements.

Whilst we have several office staff working from home, our Customer Service team remain fully accessible. However, we do have limited staff available to answer the telephones, therefore we would prefer email communication - - where possible. Regretfully our response times may be a little longer than normal, but we will reply, so please just bear with the team.

We are here to help in any way we can, so please, do contact us via email if you think we can assist.

Please do stay safe and take care.

Andy Whittard

Managing Director

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