New system to improve service levels during continued growth

By Gill Power

We are very excited to announce a major project which we have been working on and that will be completed later this year. To help us manage our continued growth and improve our levels of service, we are implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This is a software program that brings together all business functions and stores all business data.

The system we have chosen is Priority and we have been working with the vendor Medatech and our consultants, Thinkers, on configuring the system for the past 9 months. We plan to go live on 1st November.

Implementation of the new system will also coincide with the roll out of a new catalogue part numbering system, plus other improvements such as order confirmations and automated delivery of quality control documents. We will also be improving our delivery documentation and quotations.

Our MD, Andy Whittard, comments, “This project represents a significant investment in our business and one which I am convinced will reap rewards for both ourselves and our customers. It is a major undertaking but an exciting development for the next phase of our business.“

The main purpose of the ERP system is to centralise our business operational data to allow us to make better decisions and improve visibility of lead times and stock availability. The full roll out will take approximately one year as different parts of our business go live.

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