Society for Contamination Control New Annex 1 Event

By Hamish Hogg

The last conference that the Society for Contamination Control held was in February 2020. So, after 2 years it was fantastic to finally have face to face interaction with attendees at Camfil UK, based in Haslingdon.

The event was to discuss and share knowledge on the release of Annex 1, with the focus on environmental air monitoring. We went to exhibit our full range of solutions for viable particles, from using Redipor® settle plates, settle plate stands, SAS active air sampler range and ImpactAir®. 

We had detailed discussions with delegates, one of which was on how continuous monitoring can be met within a cleanroom environment. The discussions continued on to include a debate considering the use of settle plates and stands to help with sampling location and using the ImpactAir for high-risk grade A environments. The ImpactAir was new to the delegates, so it was very beneficial to be able to demonstrate this product that holds a D50 value of 0.53micron, allowing for very small particles to be impacted onto the agar plate, providing assurances if there is potential contamination within the cleanroom environment.

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The SAS air sampler always gets noticed by delegates, with the bright yellow paint and the positive comments that this piece of equipment is reliable and effective for everyone’s EM solutions. It continues to provide that quick snapshot of the environment taking the Annex 1 required 1m³ in under 6 minutes. The variable designs help customers challenges from the DUO 360 to the Isolator version.

The detailed discussions came from the venue being a smaller and more intimate setting compared to some large conferences we have previously attended.

All the presentations that we attended were interesting and thought provoking. They gave an insight into the requirements, applications and testing needed around clean air.

Attending the tour of the host’s facility (Camfil UK) gave real perspective and understanding into the considerations and effort made around HEPA filter manufacture.

The networking evening was held at a local establishment called ‘The Eagle and Child’ which had a wonderful Tepee where the networking took place, it was a fun alternative to the standard hotel conference room or bar. We found it provided a relaxed atmosphere and allowed us to get to know each other better… and they also provided pizza!


NEW! Revised Environmental Monitoring Process and Validation Guide 

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