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Cherwell Laboratories is a family owned business located in central England, near Oxford.

We have been manufacturing prepared microbiological media under the Redipor® name since the early 1980s. During this time the Redipor brand has built a strong reputation within the pharmaceutical industry for offering high quality products and a flexible, efficient service. Today, the Redipor product range of prepared media, gamma irradiated media and bottled broths and diluents forms the core of our business.

Poured Plates – A comprehensive selection of general purpose prepared agar plates available as 55mm petri dishes, 90mm petri dishes, 140mm petri dishes and contact plates.

Gamma Irradiated Media – Redipor irradiated media products are typically used within cleanroom facilities and benefit from extended shelf life. The range covers 90mm petri dishes, contact plates and 140mm petri dishes.

Redipor Barrier Pack – A range of products featuring a clear, gas impermeable layer to prevent the ingress of decontamination gases such as vaporised hydrogen peroxide (VHP)

Bottled Media Products – Our Redipor diluents and broths are available in an extensive range of screw cap bottles from 30ml to 500ml.

Injection Vials & DIN Bottles – An extensive range of injection vials and DIN bottles in sizes from 5ml to 500ml providing an ideal solution for process and operator validations.

Broth Bags & Ampoules – A convenient way to provide small or large volumes of broth for sterility work and operator validations. Our broth bags are available in sizes from 100ml up to 10 litres, with varying fill volumes to suit your needs and we also supply 10ml glass ampoules, another vital component for operator validations.

Our Values

It is our aim to be a premier supplier of microbiological prepared media to the pharmaceutical and related industrial sectors, providing the highest level of service to our customers throughout all aspects of the business. Our core values of professionalism, integrity and honesty are integral within our business and create a strong sense of caring about our customers, our products and each other.

Our Expertise

Our knowledge has been built from creating long standing relationships with users and the industry and a desire to always try and clearly understand what customers need. We have deliberately remained focused on the industrial sector and maintain a thorough understanding of the applications for which our products are used. By focusing on solutions, we strive to provide the right product for our customer’s needs.

We believe in focusing on delivering benefit to the customer, our manufacturing conditioning phase, 100% inspection process, gamma irradiated media packaging and extensive product testing are all key features of our product – the benefit being a quality product for users.

Our Capabilities

Our willingness and ability to supply smaller batches of Redipor prepared media for specialist, low volume users offers true flexibility to our customers.

Quality is a vital component in what we do and our Redipor manufacturing facility has been registered to ISO9001 since 1997. Our highly successful track record in both customer and third party accreditation audits demonstrates our commitment to quality and continual improvement.

Our Partners

We are committed to offering the same benefits to all customers across the world and as such we have carefully chosen partners to act as Redipor distributors. Our chosen partners must demonstrate a good knowledge of the needs of the pharmaceutical and related industries and understand microbiology. They must also place customer service at the core of their business and be willing to support customers with solutions.

Our current Redipor distributor in Singapore is:

SPD Scientific PTE Ltd

SPD Scientific PTE Ltd

Tel: +65 6303 9877



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