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Cherwell Laboratories offers a fully integrated range of high quality products for environmental monitoring, operator validation, cleanroom bio-decontamination and validation of sterilisation processes.

Our products are suitable for a variety of healthcare, pharmaceutical and industrial applications and include Redipor® prepared media, our own comprehensive range of prepared microbiological media. Alongside Redipor Prepared Media, we are also UK distributors for a range of biological indicators for validating sterilisation processes and microbiological air samplers for environmental monitoring plus Dry Fog systems and cold sterilants for cleanroom bio-decontamination.

Redipor® Prepared Media

The Redipor prepared microbiological media range has been developed for a variety of applications including environmental monitoring, sterility testing of products, operator validation and process validation.

The extensive range includes petri dishes, contact plates, gamma irradiated media and bottled media, all available in a variety of formulations, packaging options and flexible quantities. In order to meet specific customer requirements, we are always happy to discuss bespoke solutions.


Biological Indicators

As the UK distributor for Mesa BIs (formerly Raven Laboratories and Apex Laboratories), we supply a wide range of biological indicators and chemical indicators for the validation / monitoring of sterilisation processes.

Our biological indicator range includes spore strips, spore suspensions, self-contained biological indicators and industrial use biological indicators, plus biological indicator incubators for developing in-house sterility tests. 

Chemical integrators and process indicators are also available for a variety of healthcare and industrial processes including steam, ethylene oxide, gamma radiation and dry heat.


Microbial Monitoring Equipment

Our distinctive microbiological air samplers offer environmental monitoring solutions for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and other industries, backed up by technical support and expertise. The range includes hand held air samplers plus specialist systems for compressed air monitoring, isolator monitoring and filling line monitoring. Our Multi-SAS system also offers a fixed, facility-based microbial monitoring solution.

Our onsite engineering department provides a repair and calibration service for all SAS air samplers, ensuring fast turnaround times and minimising downtime.


Cleanroom Bio-Decontamination Solutions

As an appointed UK distributor for Mar Cor Purification, we offer a range of cleanroom decontamination solutions. The bio-decontamination range, suitable for use in pharmaceutical cleanrooms and other critical areas, incorporates the highly effective Minncare® Dry Fog 2 and Mini Dry Fog systems plus Minncare Cold Sterilant and Actril Cold Sterilant.


Wireless Data Loggers

DataTrace® wireless, high precision data logger devices are miniature, high quality devices which monitor temperature, relative humidity and pressure in real time - please contact us for more information.


If you have a requirement for any of our environmental monitoring or process validation products, please complete our quotation request form or visit our contact us page for additional contact information.