quality is paramount

Every Cherwell Product is quality assured

Ensuring we supply our customers with top quality products and service every time is of paramount importance to us.

Product Changes – Prior to any changes we undertake a comprehensive review of risks and impact to ensure the performance of the product is not adversely affected.

Internal Audits – Our internal quality assurance team undertake regular internal audits on all departments to ensure correct procedures are being followed and opportunities for improvement are identified.

Supplier Expectations – All suppliers are evaluated against set criteria and their performance reviewed regularly.

Quality Management – In 1997 our focus on quality led to us applying for ISO certification of our quality management system, which has been maintained and updated over the years. Our current ISO9001:2015 encompasses “Manufacture and supply of microbiological media. Supply, service and calibration of viable air sampling equipment. Distribution and sales of laboratory equipment and consumables.” – download our latest ISO Quality Management certificate.

Reporting – Any complaints, including those about product quality are dealt with quickly and efficiently to minimise disruption to our customers. Complaints are recorded, fully investigated and where applicable, corrective actions are put in place. We also regularly review complaints to help us identify any trends.

You can find more information in our Quality Policy Statement.


redipor® testing procedures

Extensive testing and QA ensures products you can trust

We provide fully tested, certified products assured to perform reliably in critical areas.

Redipor Quality Assurance QC Checks – All Redipor® prepared media products undergo extensive quality checks and product testing during all stages of the manufacturing process and prior to being released to our customers.

During the manufacturing process, samples are selected from each batch of Redipor prepared media and subjected to detailed quality control checks. The pH, sterility and growth capabilities of individual batches of prepared media are carefully checked and documented using standard procedures.

A productivity ratio is then generated to assess growth performance of the individual batch of prepared media against a reference. All products must comply with stringent acceptance criteria before the product is released; gamma irradiated media is checked for growth performance both before and after irradiation.

certificstions (1)

Certificates of quality assurance

All products provided with quality control certificate

Every Cherwell prepared media product is accompanied by a certification of quality control.

Certification – Samples of each batch of Redipor prepared media are checked for pH, sterility and growth capabilities. From these results, a comprehensive certificate of analysis detailing performance data is produced – download sample Redipor certificate of analysis.


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