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    Environmental Monitoring Media

    Environmental Monitoring – Settle Plates, Contact Plates

    Passive Air Monitoring

    Methods for the environmental monitoring of controlled spaces can be split into passive or active methods. Settle plates are the main passive method deployed for air monitoring, contact plates and swabs are used for surface monitoring whereas primary active methods are air samplers, which sample a known volume of air over or through a collection medium.

    Key Environmental Monitoring Requirements

    Many of the requirements for microbiological media remain the same whether the environment is a cleanroom, isolator, operating theatre, office, factory or waste processing site. This would apply to settle plates for air monitoring, contact plates for surface monitoring as well as plates for active air sampling.

    At the point of use:

    Agar plates must have no free moisture on the surface
    They must have no existing microbial growth (sterile)
    They must be easy to identify as the correct type of media
    They must be capable of growing the types of microorganisms appropriate for that environment
    It must be possible to collect the intended sample without contaminating the agar before or after the sample is taken

    Redipor® – Performance Guaranteed

    All Redipor agar plates are designed for storage at room temperature so that it is easier to deliver them to the point of use in good condition. We manufacture agar in Petri Dishes (55mm, 90mm and 140mm diameter) and in Contact Plates. All Redipor agar plates are supplied with a Quality Control Certificate and a batch record to give confidence in their performance.

    Pharmaceutical Needs

    For the pharmaceutical industry we manufacture Tryptone Soya Agar and Sabouraud Dextrose Agar with several different optional neutralisers for antibiotics and disinfectants. These are wrapped in a choice of multiple layers of sealed film and gamma irradiated in a sealed box to ensure that at the point of use, both the packaging and the agar surface are sterile.

    Other Environments

    For other environments we can supply selective or differential media to enable the detection of specific types of organism that might be of concern such as yeasts and moulds in ventilation systems or enterobacteriaceae and coliforms in beverage packaging areas. In this case each agar plate is intended to indicate the presence of those types amongst a background of mixed bacteria and sterile outer packaging is less beneficial.

    Monitoring Convenience

    We can also supply agar dip slides for convenient non-critical hygiene monitoring on surfaces and in fluids.


    If you would like further information or advice on environmental monitoring, please contact us.

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