A kit containing vials, ampoule and broth bag to assess operator technique

Redipor® Universal Operator Broth Transfer Kit

The Redipor® Operator Broth Test Kit is a pre-packaged set of components; created in accordance with guidance from the UK Pharmaceutical Aseptic Services Committee; to aid in the assessment of operators undertaking aseptic preparations.

Used in high level cleanroom environments as a standard assessment of an operator's ability to maintain the sterility of materials during the preparation of aseptically prepared injectable dose forms, and for routine operator monitoring.

The kit contains: a 50ml Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB) injection vial; three empty 30ml sterile injection vials; a 100ml TSB broth bag and one 10ml TSB ampoule.  

The EVA infusion bag is particularly appropriate to TPN compounding.  All components are supplied by Cherwell Laboratories in a purposefully designed corrugated plastic box, for ease of use.


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redipor universal operator broth transfer kit

Each compact, easy to store kit contains:

3 x Empty 30ml Sterile Injection vials

Manufactured in type 1 glass, our 30ml Injection vials are ideal for process and operator simulations.

1 x 50ml Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB) injection vial

Manufactured in type 1 glass, our 50ml Injection vials are ideal for process and operator simulations. Supplied with the standard centre tear off seal (CET). 

1 x 10ml TSB Ampoule

Our type 1 glass Ampoules are ideal for operator simulations.  Each vial has a clearly marked break point for snapping open.

1 X 100ml TSB broth bag

Ideal for operator or process simulations, our 100ml broth bags are made from EVA.  Each bag has three ports - two infusion points, plus a capped female luer lock.


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Asked Questions

What does the use by date mean on Redipor® prepared media?

For Redipor media the Use By date is the last day on which the medium should be inoculated or exposed. Any incubation period that is normal for that product may begin on that day. For example a 14 day sterility test in TSB or a 5 day incubation for a TSA settle plate.

Do I need to store my prepared media in the fridge?

The majority of our prepared media can be stored in ambient conditions, not exceeding 25ºC. There are only a small number of very specialist products that require different storage conditions.

We have never specified refrigeration as a storage condition for our general media as this causes excess condensation and can result in very wet agar, rendering it impossible to use.

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