Redipor® range of bottled media products

The Redipor® prepared media range includes a variety of bottled media products offering options in both media type and container.

All prepared bottled media products are manufactured and terminally sterilised within our cleanroom facility. They are  subject to stringent quality checks and QC certified.

The standard screw cap range includes Tryptic Soy Broth and Thioglycollate USP medium, plus diluents such as Buffered Sodium Chloride Peptone or Maximum Recovery Diluent.

Specialist products are available on request. Any formulation or quantity can be discussed.


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30ml Universal

Our 30ml glass Universals are manufactured from Type 1 glass and are ideal for bench work. Available with either plastic and metal caps the Universal has a maximum fill volume of 30ml and overall capacity of 38ml. Universals are supplied in packs of 25.

125ml Alpha Bottle

Manufactured in type 3 glass, Alpha bottles are convenient presentation for general purpose media and diluents. The 125ml Alpha has a maximum fill volume of 100ml and an overall capacity of 133ml. 125ml Alpha’s are supplied in packs of 25 with either plastic or metal caps.

175ml Powder Jar

Available as 175ml, 200ml or 500ml, Powder Jars are especially useful where a wide neck bottle is required. Powder jars are manufactured from type 3 glass and come with plastic caps in pack sizes of 12 bottles.

300ml Alpha Bottle

Our 300ml Alpha bottles are manufactured from type 3 glass and supplied with either plastic or metal caps. Ideal for general liquid media requirements, the maximum fill volume is 250ml with an overall capacity of 315ml. 300ml Alpha’s are supplied in packs of 12 bottles.

500ml Winchester Bottle

500ml Winchester bottles are manufactured in type 3 glass with plastic caps. Maximum fill volume is 500ml with an overall capacity of 540ml. An alternative 500ml Alpha (Syrop) bottle with a metal cap is also available. Both are supplied in packs of 12.


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Asked Questions

What does the use by date mean on Redipor® prepared media?

For Redipor media the Use By date is the last day on which the medium should be inoculated or exposed. Any incubation period that is normal for that product may begin on that day. For example a 14 day sterility test in TSB or a 5 day incubation for a TSA settle plate.

Are there any benefits to dip slides?

Dip slides can be less sensitive than contact plates or swabs and they often have less stringent QC release criteria. However there are circumstances where they have real advantages.

They are convenient and easy to use by the relatively less skilled.
They are ideal for testing water tanks and hygiene monitoring in food preparation and similarly clean but not aseptic environments. Most importantly they are ideal for field use because they are self contained and the slide can be incubated and assessed without opening the device.

We need a specific or bespoke media type. Can Cherwell help?

Our Redipor Prepared Media range is so extensive that not every product is included in the official price list. In addition to offering such a wide selection of products, we have developed a flexible manufacturing process enabling us to produce bespoke solutions.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, whatever they are.

What is the maximum exposure time for settle plates?

Settle plates are used to monitor the level of viable particles in the environment through a process of passive air sampling. A viable particle settles on agar plates at a rate dependent on its characteristics and the airflow in the environment.

EU GMP Guide Annex 1 has recommended that 90mm settle plates can be exposed in cleanroom environments for up to 4 hours. However, agar plates may dry out during long exposures where the rate of air exchange is high. So, it might be necessary to use deep filled settle plates, or replace the settle plate after a shorter time to ensure satisfactory growth promotion after exposure.

Do I need to store my prepared media in the fridge?

The majority of our prepared media can be stored in ambient conditions, not exceeding 25ºC. There are only a small number of very specialist products that require different storage conditions.

We have never specified refrigeration as a storage condition for our general media as this causes excess condensation and can result in very wet agar, rendering it impossible to use.


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The Pharmaceutical and Cleanroom Industry's Guide to Prepared Culture Media

A guide to understanding the logistics, best practices and breadth of available prepared media options for varying applications.


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