Reducing Contamination Risk Through Effective Environmental Monitoring

By Gill Power

Nutraceutical Business Review - Volume 3 Issue 4 2016

Environmental monitoring article in vol 3 issue 4 2016 Nutraceutical Business Review


Our Microbiology Product Specialist, Andrew Ramage and our Sales Manager, Andrew Barrow have worked together to write an article discussing the importance of environmental monitoring within a manufacturing facility to ensure the safe release of products.



The article, which is featured in Volume 3 Issue 4 2016 of Nutraceutical Business Review, covers:

  • The importance of environmental monitoring
  • Monitoring air - passive monitoring and active sampling
  • Monitoring surfaces and personnel
  • Choosing your environmental monitoring media
  • Regulatory changes

Here's an extract from the article:

To ensure that final product is safe for the patient of consumer to use, there is a requirement for manufacturers to be in control of the environmental conditions within a manufacturing facility.

.....The most important aspect of choosing an appropriate medium is ensuring that it can grow as wide a range of organisms as possible, especially the most common types associated with your own cleanroom.


You’ll find the article in Volume 3  Issue 4 2016 of Nutraceutical Business Review, or you can read more on the article on the Nutraceutical Business Review website.

We have a range of irradiated media and SAS microbial air samplers for environmental monitoring which is mentioned in the article.  Please contact us if you would like more details of the ranges available.   Alternatively, you can download our Redipor Prepared Media Price List for details of our range of prepared media for environmental monitoring.


The environmental monitoring processes and validation guide

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