Aseptic Preparation and Dispensing of Medicines Course July 2022

By Hamish Hogg

The Aseptic Preparation and Dispensing of Medicines (APDM) course has been developed by NHS TSET (the Technical Specialist Education and Training group) and is facilitated by the University of Leeds. This course runs over 4 days for the delegates across the NHS, teaching relevant and up to date skills and providing expertise to excel as health professionals.

Cherwell, while exhibiting, discussed our product, it’s application and was able to obtain feedback from the delegates. This is because the event provided a rare opportunity to discuss with the end users - how they found using settle plates, contact plates, air samplers and the direct challenges they faced.

As the delegates learned throughout the course, they came to understand more the environment and possible risks of contamination that could occur. The delegates then came to us with questions and interesting discussion pieces. Especially around environmental monitoring and the products that are required to capture that possible contamination and how that information can be used as part of an effective contamination control strategy (CCS).

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There was interest around the operator kits based on Tim Sizer; Robert Duncombe; Richard Needle; Graham Sewell, as part of the UK Pharmaceutical Aseptic Services Committee. The product combines empty vials, ampoules, TSB vial and broth bag, to validate a technician’s technique, to ensure it reduces the risk of introducing contamination from an operator when it comes to preparing patient products.

Air samplers were a popular discussion topic as well, especially the SAS DUO 360 which has two heads that allows for TSA and SDA plates to be run at the same time, to capture potential bacteria and fungi.

It was great to have that full depth discussion with delegates about their processes, as every department was different in what they produced and the challenges they had to solve and with Cherwell, we consult with our customers to provide the right solution for that process.

The event was a real joy to attend, especially on one of the nights where they provided rock ‘n’ roll bingo and karaoke, a moment of fun and an opportunity to demonstrate one’s vocal talent (to put it politely)!


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