Cherwell 2023 Event Plan

By Hamish Hogg

Every year we look forward to having the chance to meet new and existing customers at face-to-face events. This year is no different. Well, maybe a little different in the fact we are attending more; and we have some exciting news to share with you at them.

The first one in April is in ‘bonnie Scotland’, where we are supporting the P4H event which has a focus on NHS Scotland.  We then head down to the Midlands, where we will be attending Cleanroom Technology in May. With many other events in between, we finish our little road trip in November ‘down South’ at the Cell 2023. 

While at the events this year, one of our main focuses is to get closer to understanding your challenges, when striving to deliver the right cleanroom solution for your environmental monitoring. We want to discuss your difficulties in environmental monitoring, how you are trying to meet GMP Annex 1 guidance and other regulations such as ISO14698 / EN17141. 

So that you know where you can find us over the coming months and so that we can reveal our exciting news and share our knowledge and expertise; here are the events that we’ll be attending:

19th April - P4H Scotland:
Cherwell will be focusing on solutions such as the Universal Operator Transfer Kit, that allows for a quick and convenient way to perform technician validation within NHS pharmacy and aseptic units. Cherwell will be located on stand 27.

24th-25th May - Cleanroom Technology Conference:
Continuous improvement is key for Cherwell, so we provide the right solutions that help reduce the potential risk of contamination to final product. We have lots to talk about here and some exciting new developments. 

13th – 14th June - PHSS Sterile Medicinal and ATMP product manufacturing Conference:
Cherwell will continue to deliver solutions that ensure that the environment and aseptic processes are as well understood as possible such as delivering the SAS air sampler range, taking 1m³ sample volumes in line with EU GMP Annex 1 and ISO ISO14698 / EN17141.

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19th-20th June - Cell and Gene Conference:
Cherwell will be demonstrating our passion about getting EM right across all graded areas. Demonstrating our extensive and dedicated EM portfolio of solutions.  

13th September - PHSS Annual Conference: 
PHSS have not released any further information on the event, but it is one to keep an eye on, as PHSS were the first to hold 2 conferences after the release of the Annex 1 and discuss the implications in depth with the wider community. There is no doubt that following the August deadline this will be a must to attend. Cherwell will be there to assist you in any decision making and knowledge sharing around how we can support you and your team with any challenges. 

18th-19th September - Aseptic Processing Conference:
Cherwell will have on show our suite of environmental monitoring products that meets the requirements of EU GMP Annex 1, such as the Redipor plates that deliver on organism counts in high graded areas that need to have CFU counts of 0.  We will also have active air samplers that take quick effective samples for 1m³ and ISO14698 / EN17141 regulations. Not forgetting all the product developments and additions to the portfolio that you will have chance to question us about. 

7th – 8th November - Cell 2023:
Cherwell are the experts in field of environmental monitoring and understand the need to reduce risk and provide product that delivers reliable and effective information to allow our customers product to be released effectively to ensure patient safety. We can’t wait to share all our knowledge we have built over the year and hopefully see a few friendly faces. 

We hope that we get to meet you at one of these events so we can build and share our knowledge. 


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