additional items to help enhance the performance of microbial air samplers in your environmental monitoring programs

Microbial Air Sampler accessories: stands, tripods and replacement sampler heads

To complement our range of SAS Microbial Air Samplers, we supply various carriers, stands and tripods.

Stainless steel models are available for use in cleanroom environments while others can be used in less regulated areas.

We also provide additional stainless steel heads and sterile disposable heads for all SAS air sampler models. 

SAS Stands and Tripod data sheet

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cherwell microbial air sampler accessories range

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SAS air sampler stand

Stainless steel stand for hand held samplers

Stand to enhance SAS hand held microbial air sampler performance. Your sampler can be programmed, used and charged without removing it from the stand.

Air sampler tripods

Tripods available for all SAS sampler models

Table-top to standing tripods. Height adjusts from 100 - 280cm, or 100 - 200cm in stainless steel. Use to monitor air conditioner outlet port, collect bioaerosol data at breathing level or free up cleanroom space.

Air Sampler heads

Disposable microbial air sampler heads

For use with SAS Super, SAS Duo 360 and SAS Isolator air samplers. Our disposable aspirating heads are available as Petri dish or contact plate versions.


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Asked Questions

How do I send in my air sampler for a service/recalibration?

We have created a check list of things to do when sending your air samplers in for a service.

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How frequently should my SAS air sampler be calibrated?

Cherwell Laboratories recommends every 12 months and we will send a reminder for the month it is due. For some situations local procedures demand more frequent recalibrations so Cherwell is happy to offer tailored recalibration date labelling and reminders on request.

How much air should we sample?

Typical requirements suggest 1,000 litres per air sample in high risk areas, such as: grade A filling lines, grade B clean rooms, operating theatres etc. As the criticality of the area reduces, the sample size can be reduced. The aim is to achieve a representative sample; so where higher counts would be expected, a smaller sample produces a more realistic number of cfu to count.

Should I use contact plates or Petri dishes for environmental air monitoring?

SAS samplers were originally designed for Contact plates, however, a Petri dish option has been available for a number of years. It is really a personal choice, although this should be decided at time of purchase, as the sampler will be specifically configured for the plate type chosen. There are advantages for each version and we would be happy to discuss your specific needs.

Can I autoclave my SAS sampler?

No, do not put your SAS sampler in a steam autoclave. The only part that can be autoclaved is the drilled head. The unit can be wiped with alcohol wipes to decontaminate it. The only other exception is the SAS Pinocchio, parts of which can be autoclaved.

Why might I want gamma irradiated media?

The sterility of the packaged medium is assured and all but the outer layer of packaging is also sterile. Thus the risk to the environment to be sampled is greatly reduced. There is an additional benefit that the additional packaging and process extends the room temperature shelf life. This can be sufficient reason for small or irregular users to prefer irradiated.

Find more details of our irradiated range here.

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